Saturday, August 26, 2006

Code, code, code.

So I did 1400+ lines of code this week on my rigging script and UI for the auto-rig script… yikes.  This was really the first time that I got down and dirty with gui building with mel.  Granted, I’ve made windows with buttons before, but nothing complicated with tabs and forms with nested forms, etc.   You’d think there would be an easier way to make UIs in mel, or at least visually like the ui builder in max.  I do have this guiBuilder mel script, but it hasn’t helped much so far.  Perhaps now that I understand the reasoning behind a lot of the attach form/control flags, it will be easier to use. 


Anyway, this is coming out very similar to the zooCST tools/window, but with my own flavor of things in there.  I kind of want it to be a one stop shop like Hamish’s script, and his is absolutely great, but I want to have control over the core of my organization of nodes and need to put in a few options for game engine stuff.  Still, a definite thanks to Hamish for being the inspiration behind some of this stuff J 


On another note, I’ve encountered this in the past and again just recently, but what in the world is up with the advanced twist on splineIk not working properly when you essentially build it ‘lying down’?  ie, on a tail, or quadruped spine….  Annoying!




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