Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rigging and scripting...

The first 2 weeks at Kings Isle have gone quite smoothly.  I’ve been putting a rig together, doing documentation, and some research for the character pipe for the game.  I’ve also been scripting things out as I go, since I plan on making the rig a pretty much auto-rig solution, with a handy UI to go with it.  There are a bunch of rigging scripts out there that these will probably be very similar to, but it will be setup as I like (internals and all..), and it will be something that I’ve created making it easier to update and make changes. 


Eventually I will be making a version at home and ideally, release it for all to use.  But that’s getting way ahead of myself J


Currently I’m filling my after-hours up with some nice freelance work, and perhaps some unpaid stuff as well.  The Biscuit Brothers need some animations done for the next season, and that stuff is always incredibly fun to animate.  It’s a shame it’s not really a funded show and only on PBS, but ya never know…..




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