Saturday, November 18, 2006


Wow, end of Nov already!!  Here’s a quick update since I’ve been lacking in posts lately…


We hit milestone #1 at work, with success!  Lots of cool stuff came together and it’s looking pretty good so far. 


I need to update the reel, resume, and website links, cause there’s a whole lot of stuff missing.  I’ve been doing some extra rigging contracts lately, and in the latest one I just came up with a really cool tentacle/foot rig.   I definitely need to document this setup, possibly script it out (or parts of it…), and blog about it – as soon as I get some time. Hah!  I still have my jcRigPipe script in progress, though dev on that slowed down because of other priorities.  I should get back to taking it to the next step soon though. 


More info coming!


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