Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pre Siggraph news

Skipping the usual 'been awhile for an update' spiel and going right to the meat.

My employment at KingsIsle is coming to an end this week, and I will be moving to Rigging Supervisor at ReelFX towards the end of August! Rock on! More on that later...

Siggraph is coming up next week, and i will be there! Should be a blast! For those making their schedules, i recommend using google calendar. You can search the public calendars for "siggraph 07" and you'll find some handy calendars that list most of the events, parties, and classes. If you're gonna be there and want to meet up, give me a shout :)

I've also been meaning to post this (along with a bunch of other stuff)... I took a bulldog model and res'd it up some to make a nice cartoony rig some time ago, but never got around to finishing it. or even getting half way done actually. but anyway, here's a little screen cap of playing around with the facial rig...


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