Sunday, August 12, 2007

Post Siggraph Wrap Up

Well, siggraph was great as usual.  Got to hang out with a lot of old and new friends, and became re-energized with CG knowledge.  I think the best sessions this year (for me) go to the Shrekology, Ratatouille, and Transformers… ok, and the spiderman 3 session.  The speakers from Dreamworks really kept the Shrek session entertaining and interesting, and it was really cool to see how all parts of their production has evolved since the first film.


Goosh’s quadruped rigging class was great (only got to go to one), as were the Grindhouse Renderproof ones.  I missed some of the quadruped ones and Brad’s motionbuilder class because of the Electronic theatre, but I heard they were good.  Can’t wait to get the notes on all the ones I missed. 


San Diego was awesome again as well – perfect weather, close hotels and venues, very close and wide selection of restaurants and cafes. 


I will try to have some more updates about scripts and such soon… for now, I’m still busy with some contracts until I head to Reelfx :)






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