Thursday, January 12, 2006

Reel is up!

Yes yes, finally… it’s available to you!  Due to the HD loss mentioned below, I probably will not have a chance to get to add my older content (3d images, traditional artwork) to my gallery as previously planned for quite awhile.  So, since I already had most of my animation work already in the gallery, I figured I might as well open it up for all to see. 


The Reel, 3D, and Traditional links on the side all point to my gallery, so please check it out and leave comments here, in the gallery, or just email me!  Some of the videos are missing thumbnails, but I’ll be fixing those as soon as I can. 


If you’re looking for any downloads (scripts or articles, tutorials), those pages will be coming later – for now, just use my old site link to get to the older ones. 


A few notes about the reel since it’s up –

It is all work gathered over the past 2yrs or so.  I did pretty much most or all of the TD work in most of the shots.  Some shots I did animation, some texturing and lighting (very little of that), some comp work, some AfterEffects work, and a whole lot of Maya support/training/fixit/whatever.  I did do some of the fx in there as well (from stubbs).  Ah, and a bunch of modeling too.  If you’re really interested/curious about what I did specifically, feel free to email me :)



Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dead drive

Well, I had a backup drive fall the other day and basically lost the drive due to hardware malfunction. I had a lot of the animations already on my site, but I think I lost the majority of all work assets completed over the past year or two. It was a backup drive that was from a Recovered drive last year… I just never got around to backing up the backup. L


So here’s a reminder to backup EVERYTHING!!