Sunday, May 14, 2006

busy part 2

busy part 2
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Took a moment to update the resume page with everything I've done since the last update. I may have missed something though... I seem to remember another contract in there, but maybe not.

Anyway, here's the additions and a screen grab that doesn't give anything super secret away. Sorry I can't be descriptive on what you're looking at... but know that it was certainly fun :)

Added the Freelancing Syandus Phase 1 contract;

Added to the Anim Farm stuff:

*Lead TD, Particle TD, Modeler, Render Wrangler, Pipeline Pusher, (etc etc)
on Junction Point/Disney's *** project.

*Producer, Lead TD, Modeler, Texture Artist on Syandus' Spirometry 'Phase 2'

*TD on Dental Commercial

*Co-Producer, Character TD for Disney Internet Group/Disney VR's Pirates of
the Caribbean Online contract (characters and rigs)

*Modeler on Her Interactive's Nancy Drew contract

*LOD Creation for Farsight studios' PSP Poker game

*Animator/TD on Perpetual's Gods & Heroes contract

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Busy busy busy

Busy busy busy
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Gee, it seems every time I make a post, I begin with 'well, haven't posted in awhile.'. blar!

I guess I've been busy with work and life. We did some stuff for DIG (Disney internet group) for a demo that was supposed to be shown at E3. Just some character work and texture work, quick and fun stuff. We also have several other projects going on at the same time right now, so it's a nice juggling act and a whole lot of switching gears. The next few months are looking to
stay the same, so at least we're staying busy :)

I'll have to update the reel/gallery/resume with all the stuff we've been doing lately. soon. I'm all ready for siggraph boston, and will definitely be hitting up a bunch of the masterclasses. Quite a good selection this year.

Anyway, here's a pic of my neice Grace. what a cutie :)